Snacking & Sharing

Glass coca bread 4€
toasted and with tomato

Our croquette 3 € ud.
of wild boar civet

Iberian ham 100% acorn-fed 35€ (1⁄2 portion 18€)
with glass bread and hanging tomato

Selection of cheeses 23€
from local farms

Crispy oxtail 3 € ud.
with mustard parmentier


Seasonal green salad 15€
with avocado and vinegar dressing Forum

Autumn chromaticism salad 16€
with glazed chestnut, pickled carrot and goat cheese

Warm carpaccio of cap i pota 15€
with white beans from Santa Pau

Duck fried egg 16€
with Andalusian style squid and tartar sauce

False cauliflower gnocchi 16€
with parmesan cheese, butter and sage

Green asparagus cream 17€
with salmon tataki

Red tuna tartar 28€
with white garlic and olives

Prawns from La Ràpita 32€


Dry rice with rabbit from Priorat 23€
in two cookings, its demi glace and seasonal mushrooms

Seasonal vegetable rice 20€
with truffle and herb mayonnaise

Del Mar

Red tuna parpatana 32€
confit and grilled, with pears in red wine and its demiglace

Our rockfish suquet 30€
seaweed emulsion and potato parmentier

Grilled octopus 32€
smoked at the time, spicy touch and its potato parmentier

Fish from the fish market p.s.m.
grilled, with Padron peppers

From Earth

Beef tenderloin 32€
grilled, with potato gratin and béarnaise sauce

Iberian pork secret 30€
confit, with sweet potato purée, padron peppers and Priorat sauce

Wild boar meatballs 24€
creamy sauce with seasonal mushrooms

Pigeon in three sequences 39€
vichyssoise , coffee and chocolate demi-glace

Cabbage in textures 20€
with chickpeas, cheese cream and walnuts

Bread and water service 2€. Prices inc. VAT. The dishes on this menu may contain allergens, please consult our staff.