Decorate your home with Westwing and Terra Dominicata

The enveloping sensation of peace and tranquillity in which the Terra Dominicata hotel manages to immerse you is not only achieved by the marvellous exterior space it has. The interior has been carefully designed to ensure that your stay is a unique experience, where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the wonders of nature in the Montsant Natural Park. 

One of the keys to making the interior of a space have an impact on a person is the use of psycho-interior design, a technique that this beautiful boutique hotel carefully puts into practice. Thanks to this, we manage to have an impact on our own worlds as a result of changing a space. This work methodology approaches the consumer to design in a different way thanks to four main concepts that María Vives, founder of Black Velvet Studio explains perfectly:

  • Anthropology: assimilation and projection of customs, culture, environment and context. In-depth knowledge of what the consumer wants.
  • Wanderlust: application of a multicultural background acquired from a passion for travel and a tireless search for unique experiences.
  • Sensory design: working the project from the senses to connect with the memory and emotions of the consumer, leaving a mark in their memory.
  • Hygge living: enhancing the use of light and natural materials to offer a simple and unique sense of well-being.

  • "A positive experience in our daily environment is capable of providing a differential value, creating a real and emotional link between the experience that the person is living and the space where he/she lives it".

    That's why today, our friends from Westwing are going to show us how to recreate one of our favourite spaces in Terra Dominicata with their furniture: the Junior Suite. So that you too can get that special space, capable of bringing you closer to you, in your home.

    Bed area: the star of any room 

    The room Junior Suite at Terra Dominicata is a fantastic double room with its own bathroom and views of the garden that you will fall in love with. With every detail carefully selected to make the guest's stay an authentic experience.

    Every bedroom is centred on one main element: the bed. From here we start to organise everything else to create the perfect atmosphere. In this case, Terra Dominicata opted for a dark grey for the bed and to establish a base tone for the rest of the decoration. To dress it up they have used white bed linen with beige details: the decorative cushions and the plaid at the foot. The detail that harmonises the whole ensemble is the rug at the foot of the bed. Composed of an elegant but not serious border, it continues to match the colour palette chosen for the room. 

    Get the look with Westwing:

    To get the look of the Junior Suite bed area, follow these steps: 

    1. Place the model of Medaillon chenille rug in the area where you are going to place the bed. You can find some more in the section of rugs section of Westwing.
    2. Choose the Eliza continental corduroy bed as the main element of the room and place it on top of the carpet.
    3. Dress it with bed linen like the ones from Westwing. We suggest the white satin bedding set for an impeccable ensemble.
    4. Sheathe some decorative cushions cushions with our textured cushion cover Indi.
    5. And last but not least, combine these cushions with the Adalyn organic cotton knitted blanket.. For naps or cooler days, this will be your best option.


    Central decoration: something not to forget

    If you are lucky enough to have ample space in the bedroom area, you can take advantage of this to create several zones in the bedroom. However, to avoid overcrowding the room, it is important to separate the spaces visually. In the case of Terra Dominicata they have opted for a very original method: using a hanging table as a separating element between the bed area and the sofa area, which also allows them to further decorate the area with other types of decorative elements.

    Get the look with Westwing:

    To achieve the separate space look, follow these steps: 

    • Table: if you don't think it's feasible to place a hanging table in your room, there is always the possibility of placing a simpler table. If you're not convinced by the idea, you can opt for a small bench, which you can also get with storage, so you'll have extra space!
    • Planters: what's a room without a bit of greenery? Decorate your table with some plants and a pot in neutral tones. At Westwing we suggest a combination with the ceramic flowerpot Catania in beige and the small ceramic flowerpot catania in brown. With these two sizes and colours you can create an ideal composition.
    • Tray: you can decorate it with glass jars and a few twigs as they do in Terra Dominicata, to give it a more rustic atmosphere or use it at home to keep your jewellery or keys. You can opt for a tray or a plate. We like the Limfjord stoneware flat dish for this case.
    • Decorative elements: last but not least, don't forget to place some decorative decorative books to give it a personal touch. You can choose from a multitude of themes: travel, fashion, landscapes, artists... Choose something that suits you! This will also give your room a more personal touch.

    With sofa: An ideal relaxation area!

    From the other perspective we can contemplate a rest area to relax after a walk through the vineyards, a wonderful wine tasting or even a horseback ride through the fantastic countryside. It is the moment to pick up a reading book or to make time to go to your spa appointment in this fantastic dark grey sofa. A 3 seater sofa capable of providing the necessary space for two people. And in case something is missing, adding a rattan chair is the perfect solution. 

    Get the look with Westwing:

    To achieve the look of the seating area, follow these steps: 

    1. Sofa: the sofas at Westwing sofas offer you many options. We advise you to opt for a sofa that is not a chaise longue so as not to overload the space too much. At Westwing we have the Tribeca 3-seater sofa.
    2. An extra chair: having another item to sit on is always a good option. The rattan chairs are trendy because they provide a very fresh and natural atmosphere. In this case we recommend, without a doubt, the Rattan chair by Bizzoto.
    3. Don't forget the cushion: the chair cushions are very important for our comfort if we spend a long time sitting, chatting, reading or resting. Allow yourself to rest better with one of them.



    We hope you liked this article on how to turn your home into an ideal holiday destination. And if not... You know you can always go to Terra Dominicata to enjoy your days off. 

    Source: Westwing