Terra Experiences: Abstract Art Workshop

A very special Abstract Art workshop took place at Terra Dominicata on Saturday 23 April with the painter Alicia Gimeno. 

Mindfulness, being present and enjoying the detail is an important part of the workshop.

The sound and fluidity of the brush on the paper, the music in the background... it is not only an opportunity to experiment with painting and abstract art, but also a meditation session.

After a brief explanation about Alicia, and about what we are looking for with this experience, each participant began to try the materials and to evaluate with which of them he/she felt more relaxed drawing. We then started a free drawing session, without caring about the result or the harmony, just the flow with the painting. Accompanied by music. Experimentation with painting with closed eyes. At the end of this part, we observe that the results are not exactly aesthetic. We then started a second part of the workshop.

Knowing how to unite intuition, letting oneself be carried away by the paintbrush, together with reasoning, intentionality and
reasoning, intentionality, compositional thinking.

By putting these two concepts together, interesting shapes have been able to emerge. We pool our results. We then choose the draft paper that most transmits us, and we transfer it to 300 gr paper, which is more rigid and durable. This last paper will be the one that each participant took home to never forget this experience.

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